Our Philosophy:

Since its creation in 1976 by, Doctor Legrand, (aesthetic doctor by education),  Promat’s International, the manufacturer of Oligodermie, ensures all products are carefully chosen for their high quality ingredients to give remarkable results.

Specialized in Professional care with more than 250 products, we respond to all beauticians needs and we allow a diversity of personalized treatments.



Our laboratories work closely with the marketing and the regulatory departments to develop new products adapted to current lifestyles and needs, using the latest innovations in technology. However, the approach remains faithful to the spirit of Doctor Legrand. Before confirming a new launch all products are submitted to many tests in order to guaranty their safety including stability and packaging compatibility tests, Microbiology tests and Skin & Eye tolerance tests.



Each product is manufactured in accordance with standard ISO 22 716 (GMP….)

Each Batch Number produced in our factory is also verified (physicochemical, microbiology…..) before releasing it.


Product Life:

Every year, our laboratories practice regulatory monitoring on existing products.

Packaging was recently redesigned to work with the new range of formulas to ensure ease of use while maintaining integrity of the product.



Been part of the beauty industry for over 40 years.

French market leader in terms of diversity of range

We respect the individual nature of each women because each woman has in own beauty and each woman is unique.

More than 5 000 Beauty Salons in France use Oligodermie PROFESSIONAL & RETAIL products and majority of schools in France are using our products.

Our International trainers understand the issues and needs of our international partners.